27 February

Tuscan week

The 24,25 and 26 February, Luc Filoé, chef at Le Montrachet restaurant, had invited his colleague and friend Francesco Berardinelli, chef of Il Cavaliere restaurant situated in Castello di Gabbiano, in Tuscany. For the occasion, the two chefs prepared a special menu filled with Italian flavours: extra virgin olive oil, basil, tomatoes and other ingredients typically associated with Italian cuisine were on the programme. Naturally, it was all accompanied by a selection of ChiatiClassico wines from the domain. Our guests were unanimous in their appreciation of the quality and originality of the dishes.

On 18 May, Luc Filoé will in turn go to Castello di Gabbiano, giving the clients of Il Cavalierea chance to sample the tastes of Burgundy.

This isn't the first time Le Montrachet has hosted a 'four handed' menu. In 2014, chef Keisuke Matsushimi came to give our guests a Japanese flavoured menu in collaboration with our chef, who thoroughly enjoys this sort of exchange.